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Babylove Produkte - help!

30. März 2011 um 18:32 Letzte Antwort: 31. März 2011 um 13:07

ich bin Italienisch... mein Deutsch ist zu schlecht... so werde ich auf Englisch schreiben....

I hope someone can help me.... I went to Austria last year when I was expecting my baby and bought some products of the brand Babylove by DM - Drogerie Markt.. I found them really good...
Unfortunately there are no DM shops in Italy... and I would need to get some Babylove Wundschutzcreme and a couple of other products for my baby...

could any of you help me?? Would any of you please buy these few products for me and ship them to me in Italy? Of course I can pay in advance through Paypal or Ueberweisung..

Please let me know!


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30. März 2011 um 20:08

No ebay
unfortunately I cannot find the products I need on Ebay...

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31. März 2011 um 13:07

I replied to your PN!

Gefällt mir Hiflreiche Antwort !
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